Sunday, March 25, 2012

Criticism: Drive(2011)

 Christopher Sharrett talks about the negotiating space that the masculine identity pre-occupies in the acclaimed 2011 film Drive, which has been largely misunderstood as a simple genre film inspite of the complex postmodern aesthetic that it actually employs.Although partly disagreeable due to his own pre-occupations and discrimination of mainstream films ,this piece by Sharrett illuminates indispensable aspects of the film that have been somewhat marginalized due to the films highly stylized generic nod. An excerpt:
"Refn expands on notions about the collapse of masculinity central to Hollywood narrative, making this investigation not simply derivative of Mann but central to his ongoing project of uncovering the dangers inherent in traditional masculine images that are disintegrating into an especially dangerous formation, along with the patriarchal capitalist society it represents. "
The complete article can be found here

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