Thursday, March 8, 2012


Erm...hi all.! So I am a hardcore cinephile and despite my frequent urges to view my opinions regarding a film or so and having made this blog many months ago, with that very purpose, I usually kept bailing out because a) I find myself as technically dumb as one cane be and that makes me feel inferior whenever i visit a blog with fancy hyperlinks and everything(Now that I look around the blog writing space it actually seems easy. Still this blog would generally consist of dull, overtly-simplistic write-ups so please bear with me there) and b) I am lazy as hell, so I always think that I would not be able to maintain this thing, so one may not expect regular updates here. With that out I'd give out a brief intro about myself

Cinema to me is all about aesthetics. If a film doesn't get its aesthetic choices right, it is poison to me. Apart from that I am a fairly easy to please critic, even though I can boast of being as hardened as they can be, partially because of having seen pretty much everything that there is in the world of cinema. My weaknesses include a relative non-knowledge regarding The Czech New Wave(barely seen the essentials), Philippine cinema(I need to explore the films of Lino Brocka, Raya Martin et al) and my arch-nemesis; the mainstream cinema of anywhere and everywhere, of which I always seem to be watching less and less. My favourite filmmakers include Wim Wenders, Bela Tarr, Aleksandr Sokurov. Antonioni, Philippe Garrel, Claire Denis among many others since they strive to use the cinematic medium not merely as a storytelling premise but also as an effective aesthetic tool to represent various aspects of the human life. My cinematic philosophies incline towards Bazin and Bela Balazs

With that out, I'll begin with the blog. First up will be a review of the hit 2011 espionage drama Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. I hope you enjoy visiting this blog. :)

PS.- I am opening this blog to engage in intelligent conversations regarding cinema as that does not happen enough in my real life. So if you have any comments or thoughts, please comment. Thank You..

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  1. given that TTSS is THE best spy film i have scene in recent times, m looking forward to your next entry with great eagerness....Blog it soon!